Vionnet hired Hussein Chalayan as its designer for ready-to-wear collections

With the recent trend in the fashion world, we have seen most of the fashion labels either relaunching their brand or going for a restructuring. Vionnet which was recently bought by Goga Ashkenazi in the year 2012 saw its ups and downs. Relaunching the brand for the billionaire owner was not an easy task.

The billionaire not only owns the fashion label and acts as the chairman of the brand but also has taken the role of the creative director for the brand despite of not having designer qualifications or degree. However she has a team of experts who can handle the creative part of designing and follow her instructions and visions. The trained designers’ team has an addition of an impressive team player like Hussein Chalayan. He has not joined the team of Vionnet as the creative director but is part of the designing team as the designer for the ready-to-wear section. He will however continue his line of clothing despite joining Vionnet.

Vionnet hired Hussein Chalayan as its designer for ready-to-wear collections 1

According to Ashkenazi, Hussein’s inclusion in her team means that he will give his creative inputs and help the team of Vionnet as a team player and make it grow aesthetically. Ashkenazi also plans on opening a boutique in Paris which will be the first for her fashion label. She wants Vionnet to be a place where different creative minds come together as a team in union and create a creative community.

She said it’s like a chorus where new singers are added to voice the song. She said that she strongly believes in this concept of working together. This is not the first time for Chalayan in Vionnet. He has been a part of Vionnet earlier with demi-couture last year which was showcased in Paris Couture Week. His inventive designs and innovative ensembles have not been a hit the first time, however in his second attempt; it proved successful as it looked elegant.

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