The celebrities of Hollywood are always showing their style and newest outfits. Their dressing style becomes the breaking news and at the same time their severe wardrobe malfunction draw the kind attention of readers.

Here are some of the wardrobe malfunctions of 6 famous Hollywood celebrities in various occasions. Just have a look.

Lady Gaga:


The famous singer is known for her singing talent and also for her style. She came to light again after going for bare body in the photo shoot for a cover of a famous magazine. In 2011, during CFDA Awards, Lady Gaga fell out of her dress and her breasts found the way of coming out in front of the camera.

Nicki Minaj:


Her performance as a rock star is always happening and people love her performance. Nicki is also famous for her different style. During a concert, Nicki’s well-toned breast came out of her top. You can say that her ‘Let me out’ quality is persisted by her nipple too.

Kate Upton:


We all know that she has a great body for beach costumes and two pieces. But she faced an embarrassing moment when, due to heavy wind, her skirt was blown up. It revealed her inner pink panty-line completely.

Phoebe Price:


The ‘True Blood’ star’s dress was almost trying to go off her skinny structure and exposed a little too much. Though Phoebe Price cracked a smile, her skirt kept exposing when she arrived for a party in Beverly Hills recently.

Jennifer Garner:


May be it was her topmost secret – ‘Spanx’ under her gorgeous outfits on the red carpet. During the Hollywood premiere of ‘Alexander’, she displayed her ‘Spanx’ under her gorgeous black dress.

Tara Reid:


She is well known as American Pie actress. Tara faced a wardrobe malfunction on the P. Diddy’s Birthday red carpet. Her black gown’s strap slipped off and it revealed her left breast entirely.

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