Wedding Trends Perking up This Season

If you are about to tie the knot soon, then knowing about the latest wedding trends would be a great resource for brides to be. From traditional, vintage to modern day wedding dresses, whatever your pick for your special day is, do remember these pointers from the wedding industry and plan for a dress which suits your style statement!

Wedding Trends Perking up This Season

Become the trendy and coolest of bride as you walk down the aisle:

  • Color: Brides today are just not adding color to their closet but are walking forth and adding them to their gorgeous special wedding dresses too! They are smart enough to take the expression a bit further and making the most of it by incorporating color to their dresses. You do not have to worry as palette and shades will be kept untouched yet at the same time create a playful look. The colors you can definitely opt for are light pink and peach, and if needed, you could also go for quintessential bold. Now it gets way too easy to earn your blushing bride title. For brides who dare to cross boundaries, peach is definitely rocking this season!
  • Floral Appliqué: You can now modishly develop your bridal horizon by adding a fancy and whimsical touch and yes we sure need to thank the wide array of floral appliqués spread all over the market. Mermaid, ball gown, A-line and Trumpet- all of these silhouettes will end up working wonderfully with this floral trend.

You can effortlessly place it in the body of the dress or simply cascade it at the edge of the skirt. So it is not only that your bouquet that will have a touch of floral imprint but there is so much more to reveal out there! All you need to do is get a bit more innovative and confidently stride through the floral accents.

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