Weird Fashion Moments from NYFW 2015

Weird fashion generally becomes a fun to eyes rather than a treat. This week it so happened in the most popular fashion event of the ‘New York Fashion Week’. The designers with their creativity revealed some new and fresh style statement in some of the last events. But this time they presented some unusual and somewhat unnatural creativity which made the viewers gasped in astonishment.

No! Definitely for it were not treating the audience’s eyes. But it made them think ‘Who will buy those dresses?’ The designs of some upcoming as well as well-known designers are displayed through the catwalks of the models.

The different and unnatural materials like masks of various metals, crop tops for male, and the funniest, rather the most weird thing among all was the beard chainmail.

Weird Fashion Moments from NYFW 2015

The very first thing that struck the audience was the theme of beard chainmail. It gave them the further idea of weirdness; they were going to face further in the show.

You should have seen the reaction of the audience when a model came out onto the catwalk with a single sleeve black dress along with a pair of bright copper brown trousers! It seemed if his one arm will be warmer than the bare one.

The model that came up with a white open chest full sleeve dress with a chained white hood on the head along with white tight fit pants was not eye-soothing; it made the viewers keep their eyes wide open. They gave him the suggestion to join a gym first for wearing such an outfit further.

The theme of fairy impractical front was another shock to them. With patches of brown paint all over, the model appeared on the catwalk in a glossy black outfit. The outfit was designed in such way that none could decide what the idea of the designer was since they could not get any literal idea of it.

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