What Influenced Milan Fashion Week?

What influence did this season of Milan Fashion week show? The influences may be denim re-emergence or flat sandal. All showcase being casual and not the luxury. Fashion trends are always expected to showcase the glamour, isn’t it? But this time it was different. At least for Milan designers, who set the usual six day event into four and half day stuck to the non-mechanized and traditional way!

Heidi Klum was seen supporting her friends at Versace ,Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino created a movie as well seen attending Armani; Kate Moss was seen chatting with Anna Wintour at Gucci, etc., were surely the highlights of the show!

The biggest fashion wave actually was the light looks. The shows flaunted effortless floor-length Georgette dresses that resting on the ground as well as paper-thin coats. The event also showcased light at the same time wearable fashion trends like delicate knitwear with translucent layering. These looks were no doubt subtle keeping spectators intrigued about them all the time! Attires were covering the body but still did not hesitate to add little glamour to it! At Armani, we saw the delicate tailoring, wide-legged pants and delicate-peplums. The prints looked like gentle waves which are left on the sand by wind!

What Influenced Milan Fashion Week 1

Max Mara had light weight long trench coats with floral and animal prints. Roberto Cavalli showed off long glamorous gowns, and last but not the least Missoni flaunted translucent , maxi-dresses made out of knitwear which were delicate like lace and lighter even than air.

This time designers took inspiration from the fashion-rich 1970s.There were hippie looks crafted out of velvet. Other materials were denim and leather, which were decorated using laser cut detailing, beading. Please do not forget macrame and granny squares too! Modesty was the rule at Milan, but Costume National showed off some skin with a macramé made mini-dress along with a halter top paired with harem pants.

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