What It Takes To Make The Finest Ties In The World

Silk ties are considered to be the finest quality ties in the world, and silk tie producer Robert Talbott has developed a very elaborate method for making these ties.

Most of the neckties available today are made with polyester, wool or canvas lining. However, the most luxurious ties in the world are made entirely from silk in an elaborate seven fold process. The production of handmade silk ties in United States was restarted by the neckwear producer Robert Talbot in 1986 in Monterey California to fulfil the demand for the silk ties from people who liked the good things in life and could afford the same. The director of the neckwear producer Mark Caldwell has indicated that there are some important considerations while making the perfect silk tie.

 The Finest Ties

Atleast one yard of silk is needed to make the silk necktie as the silk is folded seven times to create the luxury neckwear. The process of making the neckwear is entirely manual, as the silk is cut in the desired shape by hand, and then stitched together to form  the silk tie. The credit for reviving the silk neckties in 1986, goes to the then head of production at Robert Talbot, a lady named Lydia Grayson . When she was in her early twenties, she had been involved in the production of these silk ties, and wanted the firm to revive the production of these ties.

Today only limited editions of the luxury neckties from Robert Talbot are produced and available to buyers. For a specific design of the neck ties, only 40 pieces are produced by the luxury neckwear producer, after which no more silk ties of that particular design are produced. This ensures that the neckties are exclusive pieces of luxury, which can be purchased only by a select few customers. The best quality silk fabric and patterns are used for making the silk tie. Wearing a seven fold silk neck tie is considered to be the ultimate status symbol for men . These silk neckties can be purchased online conveniently

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