What To Wear When You Attend Your Friend’s Summer Wedding Ceremony

Your friend is inviting you this summer to attend to her wedding ceremony. Well, it’s great for your friend to be able to find her love life. But, you are confused about what to wear to attend her wedding.

When you are attending to your friend’s wedding ceremony, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. You have to keep your appearance elegant and formal. You can’t wear casual clothes to attend her wedding. You should wear dress that will be able to show your elegance and beauty. Here are some ideas to look for.


  1. Avoid black dress

Why should you avoid black dress? That’s because you’re attending to a happy event. Black color is often associated with sad events, so you should avoid wearing black dress in your friend’s wedding.

  1. Wear elegant dress with calm color (light brown, dark blue, dark green) and less patterns

It is good to wear a dress with one color only, and choose your color carefully. If you want to project elegance and charm, it is better not to wear colorful dress or dress with more than one color. Pick one dress that has calm color and less patterns.

  1. Carry a handbag that matches your dress

A handbag that you carry will help to boost your appearance. If you are going to make a good impression with your dress, choose a leather bag with color that matches with your dress. However, for your handbag, you should choose bright color to balance the color of your dress.

  1. Wear high heels with narrow wedges

The high heels that you wear at this occasion should have narrow wedges. Why? That’s because it will make your appearance look more professional and elegant. Choose the color that matches with your handbag. Again, this is to create balance in your appearance.

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