What to Wear with the Trendy Bright Blazers?

Are you a working woman? Do you need to go to your office in formal wears? So you must want to experience a new and bold look with blazers.Now you have a wide collection to go for bright blazers along with skinny jeans and make yourself look classy.

The blazers of the new seasonal collection are available in various bright colors like yellow, green, purple, royal blue and some other colors are here for you too. Not just blazers, the scarfs are also in trend.

If you are going for office, try the new buttoned bright yellow blazer, a blue shirt with a skinny jeans of your choice. Formal office going pants are also there which you can pair with your bright blazer along with a printed scarf round your neck. Now pick up your favorite watch and bag with a pair of sunglasses. A pair of high sky heels or a comfortable embellished fancy flat will be great with this appearance. And now you are ready for the office!

What to Wear with the Trendy Bright Blazers 1

Another variety of this blazer is available in light green color with a white shirt inside and you can pair it with white or faded blue trousers. With a white or black bag at hand and a watch in silver shade you are just ready to go out and show off your style. You can try a silver or white silk scarf with it to look a bit more stylish.

What to Wear with the Trendy Bright Blazers 2

A bright royal blue colored double cloth blazer will give you a peppy but classy look with a pair of white skinny jeans and try a white printed silk scarf with it to rock your official look.

What to Wear with the Trendy Bright Blazers 3

For a different look try a white boy shirt with dark blue jeans and a unisex watch.

Try these new mix and match and you are sure to look splendid in this season.

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