Louis Smith and Lucy Mecklenburgh show their bums

Louis Smith and his partner Lucy Mecklenburgh have come forth and finally launched the ‘battle of the bums’. The adorable couple ended up nearly shocking the entire world after they recently stripped off and confidently displayed their peachy bums for the ultimate camera shot! The point here is who is the winner guys?

Finally the bizarre Battle of the bums Begin:

Things are getting a bit cheeky between Lucy Mecklenburgh and Louis Smith! The star couple has been noticed gnarly overflowing their feeds with many of their cutest selfies of their adorable get-together moments. They also share smooches and cuddling up getting cozy to each other.

However this time they have chosen the idea to strip off, and thus decided to launch the ultimate “Battle of Bums”!

Who is the winner of this bum battle Louis Smith or Lucy Mecklenburgh

Louis Smith is an Olympic gymnast is caught wearing some kind of a bottom-hungry pants. The one who comes ahead to compete with him is his darling girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh. She is an ex- TOWIE star, and we have to admit both of them are looking too peachy and sweet of course!

The pair confidently stood forth and opted to take a belfie or better still. It looks like they posed in front of a bathroom mirror. Most probably, the picture must have been taken on the night of the BAFTA TV Awards, which the couple had attended.

We have to admit that Louis, 25, who is quite a spirited sportsman, was quite devoted and thrilled to find out whose bum was better. The celeb also wanted to know it from their fans.

He seemed to be ready to compete with his stunning girlfriend and asked the fans to choose who seemed to be better in the “Battle of Bums”!

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