Why Eyelash Extensions Have Become So Popular

Eyelash extensions are a trend that will not be going away any time soon. They have been around for over 100 years and are being more appreciated and loved each and every day. According to Gale Business Insights, eyelash industry has made more than 113 million dollars, according to their research in April, 2016. In order to understand why they are such a huge hit, it is the best for you to continue reading the text down below.

Eyelash Extensions became very popular in the 1930’s. They’ve reached their full potential in 2000 in either Japan or Korea and became a huge hit in 2004 worldwide. They were initially created for women who had sparse lash hair and who wanted to stand out in the crowd by having something that no one else did. Initially, they were the right choice for Japanese women and their rounded eye shape since they gave them enough of volume, style, and dimension.

TV Shows and Magazines
Magazines tried incorporating something innovative throughout the years. Eventually, they thought about adding lashes on their models and to their covers. Wide range starting from human hair, synthetic lashes, polyester and even Siberian mink fur became loved in many different countries. TV shows, as well, wanted to step up their game and tried to provide people at home a more esthetic and elegant looking feature. Slowly but surely, extensions became a phenomenon both on TV and in magazines.

Celebrities became obsessed over this trend. Everyone tried making their eyes pop by using something that no one else had. Celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez brought their lash game to the stage and made everyone jealous.

Thanks to the ”Kardashian effect”, almost every teenager got a pair of extensions in 2007. Of course, there is their famous ”Keeping Up With The Kardashian” show that took the world by a storm. You can actually see their beauty and stunning lashes throughout those episodes. Since they are Armenian they already have got a lot of volume, but they always want more, therefore extensions were a must have for these women. We can’t thank anyone else in the history more than them for shedding some light upon this trend. They’ve really set the bars high for both us regular women and lash experts.

Social Media
The top two platforms were artists and beauty technicians can show their work are Facebook and Instagram. If you got talent, the right audience, and some luck, your work can be seen by more than millions of people! Lash extensions had their breakthrough on these platforms since artists were able to share their precise, beautiful, and talented work worldwide. Some videos simply went viral and all of a sudden the whole world tried hopping on the trend.

Practical Solution
Last but not least, even if you never fell for any of these marketing tricks you probably gave in and tried the extensions just for fun. Many women believe that they are practical, easy to maintain, and definitely a beautiful solution. Do you agree?

Eyelash Extensions
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