Will Nine West Shoes Solve All Daily Problems?

Have you ever heard of a pair of shoes solving your daily problems? No? Then just go through the new ad campaign by Nine West. They have shoes for all occasions starting from husband hunting to the first day at pre-school. The company has defined these events as memorable shoe occasions!

The web-site ad for husband hunting says “Go get ’em tiger, Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now … we got a shoe for that.”The company is offering the new gladiator shoes and sandals with toe showing style. The ad tries to say that a pair of new, trendy shoes will make leaving your kid to school for first day a memorable event. The user will find that moment to be of liberation as she is wearing some new, jazzy shoes! This ad is trying to create a very funny situation. Just imagine the mothers are looking at each other’s shoes at first day of school. That is hilarious!

Will Nine West Shoes Solve All Daily Problems 1

The new collection of footwear is supposed to target women between ages of 25 to 49. Erika Szychowski, the senior vice president (marketing) of Nine West, expressed the motivation behind this particular add campaign. She said that the campaign is just to modernize the brand for women to whom each occasion is different from the other.

The company has plans of shoe advertising for an “anticipatory walk of shame.”

Immediately after the ad campaign became visible on company’s Facebook page, customers started expressing their deep anger and disappointment. One comment was like this, “Stupid campaign 9W. Love your shoes but don’t patronize your customers by an outdated ideal,”

As lot of people find it hurtful there are very few for whom the campaign sounds funny and smart. One supporter wrote on Facebook, “I love love love your new campaign ad, it’s very funny I can relate to it especially when I was in my 20’s to early 30’s.”

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