Your Style, Your Fashion: Choosing The Best Dress For The Occasion

The dress that you wear reflects who you are. Perhaps, you don’t care too much about your fashion, but with your fashion you can express yourself. Your appearance and your style mean everything for you. That’s why it is important for you to choose the best dress for each event that you attend to.

You don’t want to ruin your image just by wearing the wrong dress. Your dress can either project good image or bad image.


You can’t wear casual clothes at the wedding ceremony. You can’t attend to formal meetings with short pant and a T-shirt. You have to pick your clothing apparels carefully for each occasion that you attend. Here some tips to follow:

  • Take a look whether you are going to a formal or informal event.
  • For a formal event, always wear elegant dress with not too colorful color, such as brown, black, red, and the like. It has to be as simple as possible, with very little decorations, stripes, and patterns. You can add a necklace to boost your overall appearance.
  • For an informal event, you can wear casual dress with various kinds of accessories, such as glasses, hat, colorful necklace and bracelet, etc.
  • The dress to be used in wedding ceremony should be the best dress that you usually use for formal events.
  • When you have a dinner with someone, choose your dress according to the restaurant that you’re going to visit. If the dinner is with your loved one, or if it is a romantic dinner, you should choose an elegant dress with some accessories in it. But, don’t go overboard with your style of fashion.
  • Match your dress with the right type of handbag as well as high heels that you use. You want to keep the matching colors between your dress and all your accessories.


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